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Ojiisannnn~! 😃

"Next year, Arashi will be having 16th anniversary, and I will be 32 years old. Wow, since my debut when I was 16 years old, half of my life belongs to Arashi."

Ninomiya Kazunari, Baystorm | 25 May 2014.
(T/N: Nino said 人生の半分なんで、嵐。)

nice smile darling! (*^。^*)

kawaii~~ (●^o^●)


Nino showing off the world’s cutest face (x)

this is really capturing our hearts~

They are more than perfect!! <33

i miss you!! <33




“If it’s about Ohno Satoshi, you can ask me anything.” - Sakurai Sho

Yamaaaaa~~~~ <33333


Last Hope - This feels surreal but it’s true… In the drama, Aiba-chan has a younger sister and the actress who plays her is ‘Aiba Karin’. Not only that they share the same surname, they both are from Chiba and she’s born on the same day as Nino, just 10 years after (17/06/1993)… coincidence or what!?

I thought I would never know of another person who’s surname is Aiba, other than Ma-kun… and for her to act as his sister :D

OMG! I can’t wait to watch this drama!!! 

A soul being owned by 5 Kame~
Soft hearted for this certain Kame, Ohno Satoshi~
Amused by Ohmiya & Yama pairing Kame~
Forever Sleepyhead~

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